The Vision 

IDEATE was founded in February 2010 under the name “Expose Your Biz Online” by the ambitious business owner and social media expert, Robert Reed. The modernized, updated version of our company is a direct reflection of the rapid, dynamic approach our team has consistently upheld since inception. Over the past five years we have gradually evolved from a simple social media solutions company to a modernized marketing agency complete with a sharp team of creative, enthusiastic artists ready to shake up any social media marketing campaign.

A Message From The Owner 


My name is Robert Reed and I am the CEO/Founder of IDEATE Vision. About 5 years ago I became inspired by the intriguing world of social media. The result: the creation of my very own Social Media marketing company that uses a dynamic and proven approach to handle any size business or corporation’s social media needs.

When I was first starting out, I was living at my parent’s mobile home without a ride to call my own but a vision within me as clear as day. I decided to create a rough but concise document explaining the strategy/ program for social media marketing that I was thoroughly knowledgeable and absolutely confident in.  For weeks I rode the bus all over town, refining my approach until I landed my first client, Avalon Cleaners off Ray and Rural in Chandler. He took one look at my document and said, “I’m in.” I found my first believer.  From that day forward, things began to gradually evolve and quickly align with my vision from the start. Between my client’s positive response to my strategy and my passion for networking and connecting with businesses, I became a credible name in the business. Fast forward five years to now, I have an energetic, hard-working team at my side with a diverse group of loyal clients to represent daily.  Incredible what a little hard work, ambition and unrelenting hope can do for you.

My vision for IDEATE is to be able to effectively take the stress and confusion of social media marketing and transform it into a streamlined model that builds a business extensively by targeting locally to attract consumers, retain customers and help generate more money, exposure, and traffic for a business.

I hail from a Marketing and Social Media background, which has served as an effective aid in my experiences and knowledge to build a loyal base of local and national businesses. My passion is helping businesses and corporations while utilizing my proven strategy and process on how to execute said strategy in order to increase revenue, exposure and traffic.

I  am an active member of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce,  the 3rd largest Chamber in the state trailing closely behind Phoenix and Tucson.  Being an ambassador of the Chandler Chamber I am quite familiar with the politics and workings of the business community and how important it is for local and national businesses to have a strategy to connect to their local targeted markets and communities.  I am also aware of the “lack of time in a day” issue that all business owners, unfortunately, suffer from.

I am confident in the success of IDEATE because we can handle an eclectic mix of companies’ social media and marketing needs. I am ready to use my social media expertise to promote the best assets of your company to increase your money, exposure and traffic. What are you waiting for?