Robert Reed
CEO and Founder
The creative brain and positive energy behind creating a voice for your business. My name is Robert Reed and I am the CEO/Founder of IDEATE Vision. About 5 years ago I became inspired by the intriguing world of social media. The result: the creation of my very own Social Media marketing company that uses a dynamic and proven approach to handle any size business or corporation’s social media needs.
Trevor Godfrey
Social Media Expert
Trevor spent time in the U.S. Navy before finishing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Trevor became an entrepreneur in the digital marketing space with the intention of becoming a provider of social media and digital marketing services for small businesses in the Phoenix Valley. “The driving force behind this enterprise is the desire to provide essential services at affordable rates. Non-essential services with prohibitively expensive price tags have kept small business owners out of the digital advertising game for too long. We are here to change that.” -Trevor
Shana O'Mara
Chief Operating Officer
Overseeing that your brand is represented online the way you always imagined it.
Chelsea Flood
Social Media Expert
Since her early years, Chelsea has encompassed a forte for people and the written word. She's our dominating Facebook Community Manager and you'll never see her without a smile on her face- that is, after she's had her appropriate dose of caffeine of course. After graduating from NAU in 2013 with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Journalism, Chelsea has navigated through the professional world these past five years refining her talents reporting for a local newspaper and through social media marketing management. She's a self-proclaimed “crazy plant lady” who soaks up all her free time adventuring with her husband and daughter, listening to records, reading, wandering through thrift stores, crafting, seeking the occasional R&R at local happy hour joints and desperately wishing she was thriving back in the 20's.
Ariana Willis
Social Media Expert
Ariana is a self-titled word aficionado. After graduating from Radford University with a BS in English and Technical and Business Writing she has jumped in feet first to edit anything from emails to social media content. In her free time Ariana can be found reading through her home library, pampering her purse-dog Teddy, or indulging in a good TLC marathon.
Jennifer P
Facebook Ads Expert
Jenny is our Facebook Ads guru and she's a big a numbers nerd. Combine a B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Certificate in Social Media Marketing, and you get a woman who lives for a great CPC and someone who is constantly refining her Digital Marketing practices. Jenny is an outdoor enthusiast, an artist, and a homemade salsa junkie. While she hails from Wisconsin, this Cheesehead now lives in the Arizona desert because there’s no snow here.
Elena Hernandez
Graphic Designer
Elena is a determined, passionate student dedicated to achieving her BA in Communication Design with a double minor in Digital Art and Photography. She has been studying Communications and design since high school and she is involved with student media at Elon University, designing for Elon Campus Recreation and The Pendulum. In her free time, she enjoys expressing her creativity by making clay charms for her Etsy shop, painting nail art, or creating digital paintings.
Desirae Barkan
Graphic Designer
Desirae graduated in the top of her class with a dual degree in marketing and management from MSU Bozeman. She went on to invest time in office management, human resources, employee relations, marketing, and graphic design. Graphic design in marketing has been her specialized focus for over ten years. Desirae and her husband live an active lifestyle; from volunteering in the local community to enjoying the many adventures the world has to offer.
Dave Seeman
Sales/Marketing Professional
Dave is a consummate Sales and Marketing professional, curios of all things technology and a small business and community supporter. After graduating from Arizona Technical Institute having studied computer science, he worked for Honeywell Information systems on super computers that operated the North Warning System for the United States Airforce. This led to 30 years in the Satellite Communications arena, traveling the world over several times, seeing incredible sights and meeting amazing people. An avid outdoor enthusiast he loves hiking, camping, off-roading, skiing and golf. He is passionate about helping businesses grow through great marketing and sales processes and founded the companies DezertComm Inc. Bring iT Marketing and SatComReview.
Latifah Khalfan
Digital Marketing Specialist
Embodying De Bono's black hat, Latifah’s critical thinking and problem- solving skills are one of her strongest assets. Possessing a BA in International Business Administration and an MSC in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Practice, Latifah is our enthusiastic digital marketing specialist. Avocado connoisseur, travel junkie and art enthusiast, Latifah could spend hours getting lost in a museum’s impressionist gallery. If you happen to lose her, try Monet’s water lilies, there’s a 9/10 chance you’ll find her there.